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St. Michael's Fortress

St. Michael's Fortress is the oldest and most visited fortress in Sibenik. It was completely renewed in 2016., and together with fortress Barone, it is must visit attraction for every visitor of Sibenik.

St. Michael Fortress attractions

The fortress features panoramic view of Sibenik and St. Anthony channel, which is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of the city. Also you can have a view of Cathedral of St. James, which is masterpiece of Christian art from 15th century and the most famous cultural sight in Sibenik, protected by UNESCO.
There is also view of of Sibenik bridge, and beach Banj, which are both interesting places to see.

The fortress also features educational tables, which are located everywhere around.
They describe the emergence of the fortress, the most famous battles and other interesting facts.

There is a coffee bar with reasonable prices. Price for coffee is less than two euro.

View of St Michael fortress View of St Michael fortress

Enjoy fortress coffee Enjoy fortress coffee

view of Sibenik cathedral from the fortress view of Sibenik cathedral from the fortress

Location and how to reach fortress

The fortress is lcoated only a few hundred meters from the center of the city, just near Sibenik fire station. The easiest way to reach it from the center is by foot. Number of parking spaces around the fortress is limited and the price is around 1 euro per hour. You can try to search for free parking in nearby places, but it is certainly better to avoid hassle if possible.


St. Michael fortress features summer stage where varous performances are held during summer season. These performances include music festivals and concerts of Croatian and European singers. Price of the ticket depends on event, but it is usually in a range 20 - 30 euros.
In 2018. Nina Badric, Massimo, Gibboni and Changer Festival had performance on the fortress.

St Michael fortress stage St Michael fortress stage

Ticket prices

Single ticket is valid both for visiting Barone and St. Michael's fortress. The price is 50 kuna for adults and 30 kuna for children. There is also option of buying family ticket with price 100 kn (around 14 euros), which is valid for parents and their children up to 18 years.

Accommodation near fortress

If you decide to visit some of the festivals or performances held on the fortress, you may need accommodation nearby. The map below shows accommodation options just near the fortress offered by famous booking sites like and The price is same or less than listed on hotel sites.

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