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Sibenik Fortresses

If there is one thing which you would think Sibenik is most famous for, it's fortresses.
Šibenik was built on a site where war and defense reasons were more important than anything else. That's why Šibenik has one of the most fascinating fortification systems in the world.
There are four fortresses in the city:

St Nicholas Fortress St Nicholas Fortress

St. John fortress

Fortress of St. John was built in 17th century. Together the with other fortresses in the city, it was important for defence against Turkish invasion.
It features panoramic view of Sibenik. However, people are not currently allowed to enter inside the fortress, but only explore it from outside. It is currently in a process of reconstruction which should be finished till the end of 2019.

Still, I recommend visiting it, especially if you find yourself somewhere nearby.
Visit to this fortress is free.

St John fortress St John fortress

St. Nicholas Fortress

St. Nicholas Fortress is located at the end of St Anthony Channel. It was built in 16th century for the purpose of defense against Turkish invasion.

Recently, it has become part of UNESCO protected property as a part of Venetian Works of Defence between the 16th and 17th centuries.

Currently, there is no landing or seaside entrance to the fortress because it is in a process of reconstruction which will be finished till the end of 2019.

If you find yourself somewhere nearby St Anthony Channel, take a look at this beautiful building.

Visit to this fortress is free.

St Nicholas Fortress2 St Nicholas Fortress2

Fortress Barone

Barone is beautiful fortress built on Subicevac in 17th century. It was completely reconstructed in 2016. There are thousands of tourists visiting it every year.

If you are somewhere near Šibenik town, then this place is must visit attraction.

The fortress features high-tech museum that gives the visitors a view of the old Sibenik and war with Osman Empire by using the technology of Augmented reality. In 1647. Turkish army attacked Sibenik, but after a month siege, Turkish invaders were forced to retreat to the interior, towards Drniš. They never managed to conquer Šibenik.

There is a coffee bar inside fortress, where you can enjoy your favourite drink and panoramic view on Šibenik at the same time. Prices in the bar are average for Šibenik. You pay around 1.5 euro for coffee.

Ticket is needed for visiting the fortress. Same ticket is valid for visiting St. Michael's Fortress.

The price for ticket is 50 kn (around 6.5 eur) for adults, and 30 kn (around 4 euro) for children. You can also buy family ticket for 110 kn (around 14.5 eur), which is valid for parents and their children up to 18 years.

View of Sibenik from Barone fortress View of Sibenik from Barone fortress

St. Michael's Fortress

St. Michael's Fortress is the oldest one in Šibenik. It was arranged a few years ago, and now is one of must visit attractions in Sibenik.

For visiting this fortress you need to buy ticket which is also valid for visiting Barone fortress.

During the summer season there are many music events of renowned Croatian and foreign musicians.

View of St Michael fortress View of St Michael fortress

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