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St Anthony’s Channel is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Šibenik. It has huge cultural importance as well as natural beauty.

Channel_20beauty.jpg Channel beauty

Why to visit St Anthony’s Channel

There are several things you will enjoy when visiting this place.
The first one is that you can have a nice walk near the sea. The promenade is more than four kilometers long. You can also take a bike, but there is a small part of walking trail (around 100 meters) which is not reachable by bike. You will have to push a bike while going on foot.
The second reason is Fortress of st Nicolas. It is unique fortification system in the whole world. It was built for defense against Turkish invasion in 16th century. Check it out on pictures at the end.
Unfortunately, you can't get on fortress by foot. If you want to enter, take a kayak (if you have one) or get there swimming. If you come in Šibenik during summer season, swimming is not bad idea at all. There is a less than hundred meters to swim to fortress.
Just make sure your valuable things are safe. Do not leave them outside of your field of view.
The third reason is beautiful cave of St Anthony, located somewhere in the middle of walking trail.

Channel_20sea.jpg Channel sea

Where is St Anthony’s Channel located

As you can see on the map, St Anthony’s Channel divides Šibenik from rest of Adriatic sea. The pin on the map points to Fortress of st Nicolas, which is end point of the channel. Beach Jadrija is located on the other side of channel.

Fortress_20upper_20part.jpg Fortress upper part

How to get to St Anthony’s Channel

You can get there by car or by bike. Go in the direction of Zablaće. You will see a sign which says to turn right towards channel. You can leave car there and continue on foot.
If you don't turn right, you will see the same sign again after a few kilometers. It points to the other end of the channel (where fortress of Fortress of st Nicolas is located).
Both entrances are good choice.

St-Anthony-Channel-with-Fortress_20of_20st_20Nicolas.jpg St Anthony Channel with Fortress of st Nicolas

St Anthony’s Channel images

Click on the thumbnail below to see beautiful St Antony's channel photos:

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