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Brodarica is village located on the coast of Adriatic sea between Solaris and Žaborić. It is famous for its coast, beaches and island Krapnaj, which is part of the village and which is the smallest inhabited island in Croatia. There are 3000 people living in Brodarica during whole year.
The place is part of Sibenik city.

Brodarica-nature.jpg Brodarica nature


Just like Žaborić and Grebaštica, Brodarica is located near D8 road. That means it's very easy to come to Brodarica. Just follow the road and look for the sign which will tell you to turn right or left.
Part of the village below the road and near the sea is more attractive to tourists who want to be as close to the sea as possible.

Pizzeria-in-Brodarica.jpg Pizzeria in Brodarica

Accommodation in Brodarica

Just like other places near the sea, accommodation prices mostly depend primarily on distance from beach and size of apartment. Apartments located above D8 road have significantly lower prices than ones located below the road and near the sea.

Sea-view-from-Brodarica.jpg Sea view from Brodarica

Night Life

Brodarica is bigger village than similar places located near, like Žaborić and Grebaštica. That means there are some disco clubs. The most famous one is beach bar and nightclub Fjaka. The prices are acceptable. There is even more nightlife in near place called Solaris, which is just 5 kilometers away. You can take taxi or Uber to take you there.


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