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Beach Jadrija

Beach Jadrija is Šibenik's beach located in the quarter which is also called Jadrija. It was the only beach in Šibenik till Beach Banj was built five years ago. It is known as a former venue for evening parties where the younger generation had fun with music and boules. The boules are still played today, but night life is less intense. Listen to the song about Jadrija singing by the famous Šibenik bands "Maslina" and "Bonaca"

Activities_20in_20Jadrija.jpg Activities in Jadrija

Beach Jadrija attractions

The beach is a few kilometers long, so there is enough place for everyone to swim and enjoy sea and sun. The sea is nice and clean. Be careful when swimming because there are many small fast boats around.
St Anthony's Channel and St. Nicholas Fortress are located near the beach. If you have kayak or boat, you can sail to the fortress and see it from inside.
The wind is often suitable for windsurfing, so if you like that sport, Jadrija is place for you.
Beautiful_20sea.jpg Beautiful sea

Where is beach Jadrija located

Jadrija is located at the entrance of St Anthony Channel. Zlarin Island is located opposite the beach.

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How to get to Jadrija beach

You can get on the beach by car or by boat from Šibenik. If you decide to go by car, you will have to drive around twenty kilometers from the city.
If you decide to take a boat, you need to come to Šibenik coast, near center of the city. There are taxi boats and maritime lines which drive to Jadrija. The boat trip takes less than half an hour.

Promenade in Jadrija.JPG Promenade in Jadrija

Beach Jadrija images

Here are a few photos of the beach:

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