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Beach Banj

Beach Banj is one of two city beaches in Šibenik. The second one is Beach Jadrija. If you decide to take your holidays in Šibenik, then you will probably spend lot of your time on this beach.

Part of the beach.JPG Part of the beach

Beach Banj attractions

This beach is great place for enjoying sun and sea.
There is a beautiful sandy beach, which makes it easy for families and children to enter the sea. If your child doesn't know to swim, Banj is a great place to start learning.
After you finish your swimming session, it's time to take a brake and drink favourite drink. For that purpose, there is cafe bar Petrus located on the beach.
Price for coffee in Petrus is 13 kn (around 1.8 euro).
Petrus is also a night club, so visit it if you want some nightlife in Šibenik.
Showers on the beach with fresh water are free to use.
There are two swimsuit changing places.

beach-banj-playground.JPG beach banj playground

The quality of the sea

The sea around Banj is nice and clean. However, to experience the most of thee sea beauty that Šibenik has to offer, I recommend visiting some of the islands in Šibenik archipelago like Kaprije and Zirije, or some nearby places which are located outside of the city like Solaris, Vodice or Primošten.

beach-banj-third.JPG beach banj third

Where is beach Banj located

As you can see on the map, Banj is located a few hundred meters away from the center of Šibenik old city.

How to get to the beach

You can get on the beach by car or by walking. There is a free parking just near the beach. If you decide to go by car, locate the beach with GPS.
If you decide to get there walking from center of the city, just follow the coastline.

Beach Banj images

Here are a few photos of the beach:

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